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With the Natwest reserve for business and community organizations, you can earn interest on your surplus funds. The NatWest Business Reserve lets you keep your surplus cash separate from your day to day funds, and earn interest at the same time. Our Business Reserve Account is a simple way to separate your surplus funds from your everyday cash. It’s ideal if you’re saving to make a purchase or putting aside funds to pay your bills.

What Are The Benefits Of Natwest Reserve For Business And Community Organization?

The Natwest reserve for business and community organization is very beneficial for those who have private businesses. With this you can earn interest on your excess funds in your savings. You get instant access to your account. this means that your funds are not tied up for any period of time. All the withdrawals are free of charge. Hence, it is noted that we do not charge you any penalty for the funds you withdraw from your account. the interest is calculated on daily basis. It is calculated on your daily balance and it is henceforth credited to your account every quarter. The account is very easy to manage. You can easily transfer funds to and from your business current account usingĀ online banking. There is no loss of interestĀ for you if you own this account. in fast when you transfer funds in from your current account you start earning interest right away!

How To Apply For Natwest Reserve For Business And Community Organization?

You can choose how to apply for this account. you may apply online for this account. it is speedy, easy and hassle free! You can also visit our nearest branch and make an account under the guidance of our staff. Or you may call up or customer care executive for more assistance!

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Norboosh January 3, 2011

Application process
Fees & charges
Functions & features
Customer service

Got surplus cash? I keep my with the Natwest, otherwise running a business and securing funds daily is quite impossible. Evevn the withdrawl is free.

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