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The NatWest clients’ monies service makes managing third party funds easy for its customers. With Clients’ Monies Service you can make individual accounts to hold your clients’ funds while the balances are combined to maximize interest payments.

Clients’ Monies Service is an electronic banking system that gives you instantaneous access to accounts and elastic management choices. It is planned to assist you meet the terms of your industry’s parameters.

Using a dial-up modem, Clients’ Monies Service makes a secure connection to our system, letting you manage accounts for your clients’ money independently.

You can make multiple transactions in sterling and other currencies.

Why Should One Use The Natwest Clients’ Monies Service?

With Clients’ Monies Service you can manage your third party funds in the way that best suits your business. The account set up is entirely according to your convenience. You can set up thousands of accounts. They can be set up in an individual client’s name or pooled. The auditing is also very easy and uncomplicated for you. Even with pooled accounts, the funds held on behalf of each client remain separate with individual audit records. We provide you with easy reconciliation. That means, that you can to create client reference numbers that match your internal records and produce a comprehensive range of reports. The entire system is fully automatic and that makes it time saving! Clients’ Monies Service automatically generates client statements and tax certificates. We also provide you with the facility of export data. You can export payment data in standard formats that allow you to import them directly into your business’ systems.

Interest can be paid monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or annually and client listings can be given different interest rate structures. You choose whether to pay all, some or none of the interest to your client

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jugheads2 January 3, 2011

Application process
Fees & charges
Functions & features
Customer service

Instant tax certificates, you got it right in your hand, immediate export payment details and data- that’s there too. This monies service is brilliant dude!

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