Natwest 1 Year Fixed Rate Bond 2 reviews

If you are looking to save at least £ 5,000 and can keep it undisturbed for the next one year then our 1 Year Fixed Rate Bond could be the perfect answer for you. Once your Fixed Rate Bond application is processed, the funds will be shifted from your suggested account to your Fixed Rate Bond account.

Interest will be paid at the Bank of England base rate, currently 0.50%, until the start date of your bond, that is 04 January 2011.

Another NatWest account is needed for the payment of interest, this means that you will be required to have a NatWest current account or certaininstant access savings accounts (this excludes our e-Savings and Cash ISA savings accounts) for payment of interest.

Annual interest is calculated on a daily basis. Moreover, it is paid on the last business day in April and on the last day within the term of the Bond.

There are no partial withdrawals or additional deposits are permitted. This indicates that an early closure of the Bond will lay you open to an early release fee equivalent to 90 days Gross interest.

Gross is the interest paid before the deduction of tax. The annual Equivalent Rate (AER) illustrates what the interest rate would be if paid and compounded each year.

Why Use Natwest 1 Year Fixed Rate Bond?

NatWest 1 year fixed rate bond is indeed the best if you wish to make a healthy income in a year. However, it is possible only when you are ready to leave it untouched for a year.

You get 3.00% AER/Gross and the interest is paid to you annually. The investment varies from £ 5,000 to £ 500,000. The bonds run from 04 January 2011 to 04 January 2012.

This offer is available on a first come first served basis.

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Snuggle Dragan December 16, 2010

Application process
Fees & charges
Functions & features
Customer service

Never had I thought that in one year I can multiply my savings by so many times. 1 year seemed like such a short time I had to give in exchange of this!

bebunny December 16, 2010

Application process
Fees & charges
Functions & features
Customer service

My friend suggested me to go for Natwest 1 year fixed rate bond, since I wanted to use my savings wisely. Hence, I went for it and I am pleased with it!

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