Lloyds TSB Credit Union accounts 2 reviews

The credit unions have always played a fundamental role in improving the various facets and spectrums of the niche communities. They have always taken firm initiatives to help the common people in respect of acclimatizing with the use of mainstream banking. Hereafter, the Lloyds TSB Credit Union accounts have eminently designed a lucrative package of banking services for all those credit unions who have dedicated themselves for the development of the local communities.

What benefits can you get from the Lloyds Credit Union accounts?

Now, all the cash deposits will be credited on the same day. Thus you can enjoy the utmost liberty of accessing the cleared funds immediately.

An individual can grant the privileges of free banking on all the account transactions dealt with pound/ sterling. In addition, a cheque book and a paying-in book will be widely available accompanied with one or more signatories.

Resembling with the various other services of the Lloyds Group, there also hardly exist any limitation on the number of deposits and withdrawals. You will be further provided with the facility of free book-keeping services that will immensely assist you to formulate annual reports at the Registry of Friendly Societies.

The credit union account caters you with an interest earning business call account for all the funds which have exceeded the limit of ₤1000. A massive amount of interest will be added to your business call account on a monthly basis. However, all the interest rates will be tiered for a higher return on the whole investment.

Again, you will be provided with free monthly statements in regard of supervising your deposited funds frequently.

How to apply?

In order to apply for the Lloyds Credit Union accounts, you just need to visit any of the local branches and complete an application form. You can even give a buzz on 0845 072 5555 to make an appointment at the earliest.

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Joyce October 1, 2010

Application process
Fees & charges
Functions & features
Customer service

Now I receive free banking in my sterling account mobility.There is also no minimum withdrawal or deposit.Great breather for community activities with free bookkeeping system.

Vicy October 1, 2010

Application process
Fees & charges
Functions & features
Customer service

My cash deposits are credited each day.Moreover I can ahave access to my account.Moreover tiered interest rates to have higher returns on my entrepreneurial investments.

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