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The Lloyds TSB Business start-ups proffer you with an innumerable number of free guidance services accompanied with eighteen months of daily banking averting all kinds of costs. You will be further provided with an effective assistance from the relationship manager in order to mitigate all your queries and concerns.

The eighteen months free day to day business banking ensures an individual that the every single pound he/she earns, is being used for developing an enriched and successful business. During the initial eighteen months, you will be exempted from all sorts of charges. It includes – paying in or withdrawing cash, issuing cheques and all other payments for the direct debits and standing orders. There hardly exists any limitation on the total number of deposits and withdrawals from your savings account.

Again, when the free banking period concludes, a minimal amount of Business Extra Tariff will be applicable for all the customers. You also possess the utmost liberty to access the Electronic Business Tariff, which generally deals with lower cost charges on all those transactions where a credit balance of more than ₤1 is being administered.

Apart from all these, the Lloyds TSB Business start-ups also cater you with a free trial of three months software for the Sage Planning for Business while supervising your business in a vivacious manner. You can even grant the privileges of a free trial of sage Instant Accounts software for a period of 90 days. You will be further provided with a free guidance book named “Getting started in business”. It will effectively alleviate all your queries that may arise on your mind while starting a business.

Again, by accessing the internet and phone banking facilities, now an individual can receive all the necessary informations regarding his/her account and can even interact with the business advisors of the Lloyds group for all sorts of assistance.

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Veda September 29, 2010

Application process
Fees & charges
Functions & features
Customer service

The Lloyds TSB business start ups carries benefits of value based customer services given by a assigned manger to let me on right track in financial transactions.

Laurie September 29, 2010

Application process
Fees & charges
Functions & features
Customer service

For the first 18 months I was never charged for cheque use,paying or taking out cash or using the debit card.Now isn’t it a great offer folks!

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