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A great payroll, Communication and benefits program for workers and employers of temporary and migrant workers. With firstthere you are always sure of managing your money and other financial transactions in a better way.

How do firstthere Prepaid MasterCard authorize?

It is firstthere Prepaid MasterCard that takes the privilege of Prepaid MasterCard® Cards to facilitate working with money. Being MasterCard branded it can be used in an array of outlets, shops and ATMs where MasterCard is accepted. A prepaid card is similar to a debit card and can be used as a ‘pay as you go’ mobile card. It cannot though function in case of credit facilitation and being overdrawn. It should be used only when it is preloaded with cash. It is very useful for temporary or migrant workers as it doesn’t carry the liability of credit checks and related fuss. Moreover you are saved from being going to debt with the card. It functions as a carrying cash device so no added headaches. There is 0 credit facility and accrue no debt consolidation. So it functions just like being paid in cash but in a more secured manner.

What are the benefits with firstthere Prepaid MasterCard?

There are huge benefits with the card. The card comes completely free of charge which is quite unique in today’s market scenario. The processing is fast and reliable. It needs no credit checks or bank accounts. It is generally cheaper than a bank account and doesn’t accrue any hidden charges. Moreover there is no cheque cashing hassle or fuss related to processing. It carries added benefits like supplementing the cost needed for transportation to work. The security features is also advanced with quick account management from mobile phones. It needs no bank visits or internet banking. That makes banking a real safe and easy and less cumbersome process.

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J. Fo September 23, 2010

Application process
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While accessing the first there prepaid nmastercard, I applied for a secondary one through my mobile in order to administer all the financial matters. And trust me…it’s damn good!!

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