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Wherever you are in the world, you can use your First direct visa card. If you are planning to visit overseas or you are out on a business tour, you must be wondering about your financial transactions. Whenever your transaction queries hit the end of the road, you can find first direct offering visa branded cards which you can use with instant support.

Ways in which you can benefit

You can avail cash at ATM machines all over the world with minimal transaction charges if you are using the machine overseas. Foreign currency exchange rates are listed on the statement and a minimal surcharge depending on your transaction is added. Apart from that, ATM personalized charges are applicable wherever necessary. You can avail your transaction needs with minimum balance payouts.

When paying for your purchases

First direct visa card can be used to purchase goods in the UK wherever the logo is encrypted without any difficulties. Many supermarkets and retailers in the UK guarantee cash back on the purchases which becomes a convenient option.

Withdrawing your cash and added facilities

One can withdraw cash at 4000 first direct cash machines in HSBC, first direct branches, petrol stations, foreign exchange outlets and train stations.

Added benefits in using cash machines:

·         Make an instant payment of your visa card
·         Check one’s account balance
·         Print easily financial documents
·         Make charity donations
·         Protection against identity fraud

The visa card is quite convenient in handling as per related norms and guidelines. The basic fee waiver is another notable option in transaction procedures and other added benefits. The visa card comes in two varieties – gold credit visa card and debit cards which possess benefits and loyalties depending on consumer status. The card holders are not charged any bilateral fees except concurrent charges on foreign transfers and balance transfers.

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Josie September 4, 2010

Application process
Fees & charges
Functions & features
Customer service

Now, after accessing the First direct visa card, I can feel myself pretty secured and relieved against all sort of internet fraud in online transactions.

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