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A credit card with a difference, a favorable involvement with the non-profit sector-Demelza gives you all. Your Demelza Prepaid Card fulfills the said commitments in a lucid, informative and accessible manner.

Who can apply for the Demelza Prepaid Card?

To apply for the credit card you need to be 18 years and above and resident of UK. Keep your personal details in hand to replace delays in card processing. Your personal data are secured according to the standard privacy measures maintained by the company.

What are the benefits of using Demelza Prepaid Card?

The prepaid card is a modern, sensible way of money control. It is a lucid platform where you use the card as a “pay as you go” mobile. It carries attractive discounts and member offers to loosen your confusion over spending with your card. It is a guaranteed tool for managing your money to avoid any overspending and overdrawn features. There are no interest charges on the card. It also carries fixed rates and fees so as to effectively analyze the cost index of articles overseas. The online transaction facility also guarantees tension free bank statements. To avoid any overdrawn traits the card carries the benefit of reloading so that you possess the control over your expenditures. If you are using your prepaid card there is no need of a credit card. The card being branded MasterCard can be accessed in retail stores in million operated points globally.

How to support your charitable soul?

Your purchase with the prepaid card guarantees payment made to societies involved in community welfare. Application for the card is free of charge. Demelza is involved in residential hospice care and community wellbeing. The transaction with this prepaid card involves you indirectly with charitable measures.

What are the credit limits?

Minimum load amount is ₤10.00 and maximum load amount is ₤500.00 for using this prepaid card.

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Jane September 9, 2010

The Demelza prepaid card is definitely a guaranteed tool for managing your money to avoid any overspending and overdrawn features. It also doesn’t charge any interest rates.

Gerald September 9, 2010

The Demelza prepaid card ,being a branded MasterCard can be accessed in millions of retail outlets available and supermarkets in all corners of the world.

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