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Your Co op privilege current account guarantees up to £600 of monetary benefit on an annual basis and provides services that help you to deal with all major critical situations. The co op group is known to cater clients based on specified individual needs and it is cliental satisfaction that matters the most.

Benefits that all account holders can make use of

Once an account gets created in your name, you can earn up to £200 of interest on amount deposits and are redeemed of paying overdraft charges. It is the insurance policies that make co op bank account worthwhile.

Overseas travels plans can be insured now. This is done in collaboration with AXA travel insurance department. This covers all expenses including entertainment packages and sports activities.

Clients can register up to four mobile sets to avail the benefits of mobile insurances provided by the bank in collaboration with the London General Insurance Company. The claim gets activated within a time period of fourteen day and is subjected to the pre decided terms and conditions levied by the bank authorities. Customers enjoy additional interest rates on credit card usage which amount to 11.9% coupled with a minimum of 2.9% interest earning for the first 12 months.

With privilege savings option attached to the primary Co op privilege current account you can operate funds and transfer them to the savings account automatically. The bank management in addition to all the above services provides premium legal consultancy services to mitigate financial crisis and further advice clients on the same. One can moreover earn about 20% discount on claims for home insurances through the account.

Who can apply for the account?

Applicants willing to open an account in this segment require being at least 16 years of age or above and should be a residing citizen of UK.

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birdwatcher October 25, 2010

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You also have an option of getting an easier current account which your pocket permits and gives you the various facility to run your business.

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