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The Co op Children’s saving accounts can truly be denoted as an epitome for a student’s educational career. It can generally be distinguished into the following categories:

Bonus account

It efficiently prevents a child to become a spendthrift and successfully implants the idea of saving the money in an efficient manner rather than spending it extravagantly. The account also grows with the child and will act as a proper guidance for the future. It will proficiently teach them about the usage of a cash card, the importance of budgeting and how to keep a track of the deposited funds with the help of the quarterly statements.

In collaboration with the internationally renowned charity Born free Foundation, the Bonus Account has played a fundamental role in the mere conservation of the wild animals in an effervescent manner.

In addition, your child will be further benefited with the educational gifts catered by the Born Free Foundation at there important stages in the lifecycle of the former’s account. It also takes affirm initiative while donating to the charity.

Future Fund

It has been whole heartedly devoted to save a lump some amount for your child in future. An individual possesses the utmost liberty of supervising his/her child’s account at any point of time. You can even grant the privileges of withdrawing the cash instantaneously accompanied with an interest rate which can be paid without the deduction of the tax. You can even transfer between a Bonus account and the Future Fund without any sort of hassles.

How to apply?

If your child is aged between seven and seventeen years nine months, he/she is eligible to open both the Bonus account and the Future Fund solely and can attain full access over the account. The parents are also allowed to open the account on behalf of their children if aged sixteen or under than that.

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collinswhite October 26, 2010

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All adult has an Account in Banks. But when children have their savings account then they cherish it with full sincerity and consider themselves lucky to be big.

sara October 26, 2010

Application process
Fees & charges
Functions & features
Customer service

Well with this account not only the children consider them lucky but the adults or elders could also have a reason to save when they happily do savings in these accounts.

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