Barclays Premier 6-Months Bond 1 review

The Barclays premier 6 months bond is one of our most unique and beneficial account. It comes to you with 1.25% AER / gross per annum, for deposits between £ 25,000 and £ 74,999. For deposits between £ 75,000 and £ 1m it gives you 1.50% AER / gross per annum.

The Barclays premier 6-months bond is exclusive to both new and existing premier customers. However, you are permitted to make no transfers from other Barclays accounts. In addition to that no withdrawals are permitted too.

What Are The Benefits Of Barclays Premier 6-Months Bond?

The Barclays premier 6 months bond has lots of benefits.

Our 6-month bond is a unique offer for new and existing Premier customers. You are assured a fixed interest rate and it is a great way to get a quick return on a lump sum amount. The 6-month bond is obtainable exclusively for our Premier customers who are able to bring new money to Barclays. You can choose how you would like your interest paid. It can be paid either monthly or at the end of term.

With the premier 6-months bond, you earn a higher rate for deposits over £75,000. However, no withdrawals or further deposits before maturity is permitted. Nevertheless, there are no limits on how many bonds you can open.

The AER quoted is an Annual Equivalent Rate for 12 months and therefore you will obtain six months of interest reflecting this Bond’s term.

Why Would Premier 6-Months Bond Be Correct For You?

The premier 6-months bond would be apt for you if you would want to get a quick return on your money while you consider your long-term options. It is also perfect if you are looking for a guaranteed interest rate and if you do not need access to your money for six months.

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Salem2005 December 4, 2010

Application process
Fees & charges
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Customer service

Barclays premier 6 months account is the best thing I could have done for me and my money ever. Everything is so good with it, that I am sure that it is going go a long way!

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