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The Barclays bank account is just a straightforward account with no monthly account fee. You can manage your account online, by phone or in branch. There are Contactless debit cards available on the majority of new accounts. For those who want simplicity and easy banking, Barclays is just the one for you.

As mentioned before, the Barclays bank account is a simple, uncomplicated and easy basic bank account that offers you everything you would expect from Barclays, the number one bank in the nation. We provide you with basic essentials such as debit cards. You can register with us for online banking or telephone banking.

We give you an absolute Access your account and your money through Mobile Banking. To be in constant touch with your account, you can apply for text alerts, through which you shall get text alerts about your account to your mobile. You can also register with us for Online Statements so you can have access your statements online at any time. You get all this in just one secure, convenient place. There is overdraft available at 19.3% EAR typical variable. You can see you overdraft at our website. We have a network of more than 1,700 branches all around. You may also apply for a Personal Reserve that gives you an extra agreed amount for life’s little emergencies. In addition to all this, you are allowed to draw on cheques paid in before they clear, subject to their status and limit. There is no monthly fee, which means you get all these amazing facilities free of cost. There is also the benefit of Barclays loyalty mortgages. Which means that Current account customers can get better mortgage deals. Subject to their status and availability.

Hence, for an easy life, this is just the apt account for you, hurry!

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Razorbrand December 2, 2010

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Just no monthly account fee to be deposited to make your account running. And you can even enjoy the online and phone and customer service schemes to manage your money.

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