22.9% MBNA Rewards Platinum American Express 3 reviews

Whether you are on a shopping spree, dining out or on a leisure trip you are always guaranteed an extra amount of peace with MBNA Rewards Platinum American Express card.

What benefits is guaranteed to you in your card?

One of the most notable features is the money transfer on application which is not found in most credit cards and a zero per cent rate on balance transfers for the first twelve months is guaranteed to explore your sensual desires.

You are guaranteed zero per cent interest rate for twelve months flat. There are a lot of reward points, privileges on accommodation in hotel stay and travel bonuses applicable. Lot of discounts and offers are also entitled to make your dining and shopping experiences a unique one. There is also a scheme of complementary house style management and lifestyle orientation program. Personalized VIP travel service is also endowed with in integration with MBNA TravelPlus. 0% on card purchases is endowed for the first three months from the time your account is opened. Your 22.9% MBNA Rewards Platinum American Express card comes with variable APR and paperless statements.

What is the minimum monthly payout?

Minimum monthly payout is fixed at ₤25 or 1 per cent, whichever is more, depending on your account balance without default and credit charges. If you only make the minimum balance amount payment it will be taking a longer duration to settle your credit balances. You can of course rescue your credit surcharges by paying on time and avoiding default charges.

What is the minimum credit limit?

There is no minimum credit limit allocated with a flexible maximum limit which depends on your status. This means you are more flexible in choosing your credit card options and balances.

Customer Service

Wherever you are located, the customer satisfaction team is 24 hours free at your service.

Reviews Displaying 3 reviews

Alyssa September 7, 2010

Hooray…now I can use my MBNA American Express card in all the renowned supermarkets, petrol stations and even in restaurants and streeyt retailers at ease.

Hollie Helgert January 12, 2011

appreciate what you wrote here. Thank you so much for sharing.

Brittaney Cypress January 14, 2011

I love what you wrote amazing thoughts, I think that I couldn’t have wrote it better by myself.

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