White Eagle Prepaid MasterCard

Published on 21 July 2012 by Raffick Marday

White Eagle Prepaid Maestro Cards

Tariff Selection
Prepaid Card with Monthly Fees
Type of Prepaid Card
Prepaid Maestro Card

Special Promotion – The White Eagle Prepaid Maestro card is usually £9.95, but buy it from Compare Prepaid for only £4.95


Minimum Age
18 years or over

You must have a residential UK address and have a legal right to reside within the UK – Proof of ID required if they are unable to verify your identity and address based on the information you provide on your application they will request further information to open your account.

Type of card – Prepaid Maestro Card

Your White Eagle Prepaid Card has been developed with ease of use and accessibility in mind. You card can be used anywhere the Maestro Card acceptance mark is displayed and has the functionality of being a dual purpose card.

It has  two primary uses; to be used as an ‘every-day’ card whereby a cardholder has their wages or salary paid directly onto his card by their employer and as a cash sharing card whereby money can be shared with family members or friends abroad or here in the UK.

To share money all you have to do is buy a companion card and then you can transfer money at no cost.

A White Eagle Prepaid Maestro Card and companion card will then be dispatched to you, you simply post the companion card to your loveone. From that point you will be able to share Money in Minutes simply by using your mobile phone or online to complete the transaction.

The White Eagle Prepaid Maestro Card is a monthly subscription fee Prepaid Maestro card which can be used at over 9 million locations worldwide also with over 1 million ATM card machines in over 210 countries where ever you see the Maestro Card – MasterCard or Cirrus acceptance sign.

Choose the package to suit your personal needs

Exclusive offer card only £4.95 when you buy from Compare Prepaid

  • No bank account required, no formalities
  • 100% acceptance, no credit checks
  • card topped up from wages, bank account or Paypoint
  • Pay for goods and services – in shops, online or over the phone – for free
  • No risk of debt
  • Use at 25 million locations worldwide
  • Free and instant money share
  • Safe and secure access to funds 24/7

Accepted worldwide, in-store at over 25 million locations and at 1 million ATM’s which display the Maestro Acceptance Mark.

Card limit is £5,000 and currently the White Eagle Card is only available in GBP (£)

Why get a Prepaid Maestro Card from White Eagle?

If you are looking at an alternative to a bank account and don’t want to use your credit card or debit card to make purchases then a prepaid money card is an option.

As there are no credit checks to get your money card you just apply online by completing the secure application form, once payment has been made your prepaid money card will be delivered within 7 to 10 days. Card activation is required and you can then use as and when you require

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White Eagle Prepaid Maestro Card White Eagle (Europe) Plc.

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