Prepaid Credit Cards Payment Protection

Published on 11 July 2012 by Raffick Marday

What is Payment Protection ?

Payment protection is a type of insurance policy which covers against any ongoing health issues, redundancy and even death .

The price is very minimal and proves to be a very useful tool to prevent any unexpected circumstances which can occur. It is unheard of for people to turn this down because who knows what is round the corner, situations could occur which could lead to the inability to clear the debt .

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Will a prepaid credit card rebuild by credit rating

If you live in the USA then yes, there are prepaid credit card plans that are linked with credit builder that can build or rebuild your credit rating and credit score.

If you live in the UK then no there are no prepaid credit cards at the moment that can do this.

Prepaid Credit Cards Payment Protection

One of the most important parts of the Consumer Credit Act (CCA) is Section 75 of the Act which reads that when you buy something using your credit card, your contract is with both the merchant (retailer) and the company that issues your card. The merchant and also the card issuer both have an equal liability if anything goes wrong you can take action against either of them to get compensation.

The Consumer Credit Act ( CCA) covers everyone with a credit card, but given that prepaid cards do not fall under the Consumer Credit Act ( CCA), because the bank is not lending money, you are not covered.

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