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Published on 10 July 2012 by Raffick Marday

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Charity prepaid cards are now available in the UK which is set to provide prepaid cardholders an income for a charity.

Charity prepaid cards are in partnership with MasterCard and prepaid card providers such as M-Cube, where M Cube are the first prepaid card provider to help launch the successful Charity card program for the Aspinall Foundation.

The Aspinall Maestro prepaid card will enable Aspenall Foundation to generate £500,000 in additional income per year for the charity if supporters take up the prepaid card helping much needed funds to support the Protection Project of Gorillas.

Like other Pre paid MasterCards and Maestro cards it can be used throughout the UK and Europe.

Commenting on the launch, John Kerr, Finance Director at M-Cube, said: “The Aspinall Charities card is not just another piece of plastic. It offers genuine additional benefits including discounts and reward opportunities which will cement the bonds between cardholders and charities such as the Aspinall Foundation.”

The Aspinall Foundation card is Free to get subject a £10 top up and every time you use your charity prepaid card they will generate income for your continued support.

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