Prepaid Credit Cards for Business

Published on 13 July 2012 by Raffick Marday

What is the Best Business Prepaid Card?

Listed above are business prepaid cards deals available under your search. Just click on the more information button to get further details about the company prepaid card before you apply.

Pay your staff expenses all in one go and save on bacs transfer fees. No matter how many employees you have just top up by bacs and send an excel spread sheet to the prepaid card provider they then allocate the amounts on to the prepaid company cards all in one go. All with full online reporting.

By issuing your staff a prepaid card you could save money and time instead of issuing cheques

A Business Prepaid Debit card is highly recommended by the financial institutions as they are convenience and safety. Do you hold a cash float or fear about the huge expenses bills being paid out? If you nod to this question then read on and find a quick fix solution to this serious problem.

Find the best small business prepaid card for your needs. When looking for a company prepaid card, look at the atm card charges and transaction charges this way you can find the best company prepaid credit card based on how you will use it. A prepaid card offers guaranteed acceptance.

Find Out The Top Benefits Of A Small Business Prepaid Card

Business Debit card are highly recommended as convenient and safe option to paying out expenses. A Business Debit card is a plastic card that can be used for the alternative payment through cash. This is a safe way and with the passage of time, it is becoming gaining popularity.

As they are highly recommended by the financial institutions due to a myriad of benefits that cater to the needs as well as requirements of the users and are generally considered a user-friendly card.

Some of the benefits of using a prepaid debit card listed:

  • Shopping banking card: The prepaid cards can be easily accessed as ATM cards. They are perfect way to make payment at any of the outlets like shopping malls, petrol pumps, online shopping, purchasing essential commodities, reserving tickets for airlines and railways or any other merchant location. A prepaid card is accepted across the world.
  • Safety with convenience: this card is simple to use and provide immense versatility to its users. This magic card lets you to directly make payment through your bank account. This takes over the need of carrying cash all the time.
  • Internationally accepted: The best part of using a prepaid card is that they are internationally accepted and thus gives room to the idea of visiting the whole world without carrying cash! But card logo of different countries need to be carried all along.
  • Itemized billing: A prepaid card helps you to keep record of all the expenses incurred on a daily basis, which leaves no scope of inefficiency in the matters of finance from your side.
  • Royalties of cash back and other rewards: many exciting offers can be availed through a prepaid card as finance companies avail different discounts from time to time. This way, loads of savings can be done.
  • Daily flexi-limit: a prepaid card allows you to set regular transaction limits for retail purchases as well as cash withdrawals at ATM.

There is no need for getting any credit checks. This makes the process of acquiring a debit card easy and hassle free. If any kind of fraud is suspects while carrying out the online transactions, you can easily detect and get the money reimbursed into your account. This makes the use of prepaid card highly recommendable by banks and other financial authorities.

There is practically no risk involved of getting trapped in the grip of debts as they do not carry the process of overdraft. This makes them largely appreciable among the users. Financial companies provide 24/7 customer care services which make them accessible.

  • Payroll Prepaid Card
  • Fuel Prepaid Card
  • Expense Prepaid Cards
  • Affiliate Payout Card
  • Dividend Payout Card
  • Reward – Prepaid Gift Cards

The best part of using a prepaid business card is that it can be issued from any of the important establishments like post office, bank, pay zone, bank transfer, as well as terminals of pay points. Choose a Prepaid Visa or Prepaid MasterCard with your company name printed on the prepaid card

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