Orbitremit Money Transfer

Margin Rate
Minimum Transfer
Transaction Fees
Transfer Timescales
Financial Regulation
3% to 5%
Range from 5 to 7
1 to 2 days
FSA regulated only

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Are Orbitremit reliable?

Orbitremit can transfer your money to locations that other money transfer platforms are unable to do. Based on exchange rates that are updated live every day, so they are always the most up to date available. Countries like China where most companies are only able to transfer in dollars now Orbitremit can send to any China Postal Savings Bank account, or for collection from a China Post (CPO) branch.

What’s good?

The team at Orbitremit have an online platform to deal with sending your money overseas. You simply create your payment instruction and then transfer the payment total to the local OrbitRemit bank account, using your Internet Banking.

What’s not so good?

Orbitremit do not deal with all currencies and some fees can be high due to obscure currencies.

What is Orbitremit Customer service like?

Untested at the moment but will update one we have looked in to this further.  We have tested opening an account which seems to be a simple process.

What is the Fee structure

Depending on the amount you are transferring will depend on the fee charged

Can I trust Orbitremit with my money?

Orbitremit are registered with the FSA but not authorised, unable to find out if the operate a separate client account.

Additional benefits and Services

  • Online account access and management
  • Able to transfer money directly in to bank or to person
  • 24-hour access
  • Set fee structure so you know what you are paying
  • Able to trade currencies that many companies are unable to trade
  • Payment tracking and tracing

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