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FairFX has now taken its revolutionary approach to foreign exchange to the next level, offering clients the functionality to transfer money abroad with the release of its new International Online Payments facility.

Clients can now transfer money from the UK to any number of beneficiaries (family, friends and a range of commercial enterprises or organisations). The facility offers a simple, transparent and automated approach to making smaller wire transfers more efficient and convenient. Clients can transfer any amount from our minimum transfer (varies from currency to currency, from around £600) up to our maximum £50,000.

If you need to send smaller amounts, you may be interested in our FairFX Currency Cards; for example, you may be able to apply for a FairFX Family and Friends card for the recipient, which you can transfer      money to from your own FairFX Currency Card. For full details,

If you have a requirement to make an international transfer of £25,000 or more, you can discuss this with one of our FX specialists to achieve an optimal market rate. Our dealing team can be contacted


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