PAYG MasterCard

Published on 18 July 2012 by Raffick Marday

Pay As You Go MasterCard

Pay as you go cards are considered to be one of the best ways of managing one’s finances. They are not only good for people that have difficulties in getting their credit card applications approved, people that have poor credit history, but is also ideal for people that like to have full control of their credit card expenses. Pay as you go MasterCard acts like your prepaid mobile subscription that you will have to top up as per your need and use. You can top up your prepaid pay as you go MasterCard as and when you need. Here the advantage is that you will not have to pay any monthly charges for your credit card. You will be charged rather for each transaction or a fixed percentage per top up towards the account maintenance fees. When you are going for pay as you go prepaid cards, you will have to make sure that you signup for prepaid MasterCard with the lowest transaction charges. You must also make sure that the money withdrawal charges for ATM transactions are low.

Here are some of the top prepaid pay as you go MasterCards.

CashPlus Prepaid MasterCard:

It is very easy to apply for CashPlus prepaid MasterCard. The application process does not have any credit checks. All the applications are approved. Unlike the other prepaid credit cards, you will be able to build your credit history using CashPlus prepaid MasterCard. You will be able to enjoy cash back up to 27% on each credit card transaction putting you more money back into your pocket. You will be able to top up this pay as you go MasterCard easily at over 12,500 locations in the UK. This prepaid pay as you go credit card is considered to be one of the best alternatives to managing a bank account. CashPlus pay as you go MasterCard will help you protect yourself from debt and give you more control on your finances. When you get CashPlus pay as you go credit card, you will get automatic purchase protection when you are shopping. This is also one of the best ways of keeping your expenses under control when you are travelling. Another greatest advantage of using this prepaid pay as you go credit card is that you will be able to enjoy online gambling without having to be worried about sharing your personal identity and without any security risks. You get the best support and best services possible with CashPlus prepaid MasterCard.

Phones 4 U Prepaid Card:

Phones 4 U Prepaid card is yet another best option for people that are looking for the most reliable pay as you go card. On application you will be able to escape the regular fee £9.99. You will not have to worry about any monthly subscriptions when you go for Phones 4 U Prepaid card. You will also not be charged for transactions within the UK as well as outside the UK. You will face minimal ATM transaction fees. Like the other prepaid pay as you go credit cards, you will not have to face any credit checks. You can be 100% sure that your application will be accepted. You will enjoy free purchase protection. You will automatically qualify for cash back discount program. You will get instant mobile alerts with each transaction giving you complete protection on the card the money in your card. You will be able to top up your pay as you go card easily and conveniently from the many authorized locations in the UK. Using Phones 4 U pay as you go cards, you will give you peace of mind whether you are using it online or your are travelling. This limits your risks incredibly you will not have to worry about losing your credit card information online and subjecting yourself to unnecessary liability risks.

There are number of other prepaid as you go credit cards available in the UK. You can compare all the top prepaid as you go cards easily here in a matter of just few clicks and choose the best pay as you go MasterCard.

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