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Published on 17 July 2012 by Raffick Marday

PrePaid Maestro Cards

Looking for a Maestro prepaid credit card? The maestro card is an apt solution for easy shopping, paying bills and other monthly subscriptions. They are very easy to avail and have lots of benefits for the cardholders.

Usually, prepaid cards are reloaded cards that are issued by a certain bank to the user so that he/ she can make easy payments for the purchases that they make. These cards are very much similar to the credit and debit cards but cannot be used beyond a certain limit of money amount. That means, the cardholder can make purchases up to a predetermined limit and cannot exceed further beyond that limit. This amount is the money that the user has got credited into the card on a prior basis and thus is not liable to any interest charges.

Maestro Card

Maestro card is a debit-card service that is run internationally by MasterCard. These maestro cards can be obtained from the associate banks very easily and can be either prepaid cards or may be linked to current accounts of the cardholder. Like any other prepaid card it has the company branding, the signature strip and the number of the card on it.

How To Avail A Maestro Card?

Availing a maestro card is quite easy as it does not involve any complicated procedures. The prospective user simply has to provide the financial institution concerned, with his/ her identity proof and the correct contact address when he/ she applies for the maestro card. This procedure is more or less similar to the identity authenticity procedures that are done when one applies for passports.

The best feature of these cards is that they do not check the credit history of the prospective cardholder. That implies that people who hold poor credit records can also apply for the maestro cards. Once the authenticity of the user is established, he is sanctioned a maestro card that can be activated by following the basic instructions of the card providing institution.

Why Are Maestro Cards Popular Among People?

  • These maestro cards are popular among people because they are much safer than carrying cash.
  • If one is traveling overseas and does not wish to carry huge amounts of cash, he/ she can simply reload the card with the desired amount of money.
  • Moreover, even if these cards get stolen or lost, on informing the respective card provider, they can be blocked instantly so that they are not misused.
  • These cards can be given to the young members of the house instead of giving them cash money for outings and trips.
  • They can be used for making online purchases.
  • They can be used for mail ordering or telephone ordering.
  • Easy withdrawal of money from the ATMs is made possible by these maestro cards.
  • They are helpful in paying the pending bills and monthly subscriptions.
  • They serve as alternatives to the cardholder’s bank accounts.

The user can easily and conveniently reload the credit value of these maestro cards with the desired money amounts and can use it for a plethora of purposes without paying any rates of interest.


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