Leeds BS- Premier Current Account

Published on 9 August 2014 by raff

The Premier Current Account is only available to individuals over the age of 18, subject to status. Joint accounts are available. There is no requirement for any ‘minimum income” as it is the case in other banks. You are also given free banking if within credit. There is no service charge, no package account. The only investment condition is that the minimum opening balance is £100 with a maximum investment of £1,000,000. The withdrawal access is instant. On opening a Premier Current Account, applicants can choose either a passbook or a cheque-book and cheque guarantee card to access funds in the account.

The benefits of having a Leeds BS premier account are as follows;

  • Statements are issued monthly
  • The Premier Current Account is a share account; this means that applicants will become shareholding members of the Society through holding this account.
  • Interest is paid annually on the 1st September and is credited to the account.

You get the facility of the cheque guarantee card with £ 100 as guarantee limit. Along with this you get a cheque-book, as well as the facility of standing orders and direct debits both. However, you do not get a cash card, debit system, multi function card and ATM withdrawal is also not applicable.

In the borrowing schemes, you are given the overdraft facility. The authorized usage fee is £ 5.00 per month. The overdraft limit is fee free as well as interest free. There is no authorized overdraft arrangement fee too.

Cheque, standing orders and Direct Debits returned unpaid due to insufficient funds cost you £25 per item.
Unauthorized overdrafts resulting from the misuse of a cheque guarantee card cost you  £25.
Transfer of funds to cover cheque, Direct Debits and standing orders where there are insufficient funds will cost you £25.


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