Virgin Rewards Credit Card

Published on 21 July 2012 by Raffick Marday

Virgin MasterCards Reviews

Credit Card Name
Virgin MasterCard
Credit Card Issuer MBNA
Type of Credit Card MasterCard Credit Card

Virgin MasterCard Credit Card

Introducing the Virgin MasterCard credit card. Virgin Credit Cards – transfer your balance to a Virgin Credit Card and get a great rate plus loads of Virgin discounts, free travel insurance and free fraud protection on purchases, voted best credit card reward program

Virgin Credit Card Fees

Introductory offers – APR
Intro Rate
Intro Period
Annual Rate
3 months
Balance Transfer
15 months
n / a
Balance Transfers
Fee percentage 2.98%
Minimum fee £3.00
maximum fee 2.98% handling fee

Virgin credit card charges

If the balance shown on your statement is less than £25, it will be the total amount of the statement balance; or if the balance shown on your statement is £25 or more, it will be whichever is the greater of £25; or the total of any Payment Protection Cover charges, interest and default charges plus £5.

Virgin Allocation of payments

1. Payments will reduce balances at lower rates of interest before balances at higher rates of interest.

2) Where there are two promotional rates which are the same, payments to reduce the balance with the longer promotional period first.

Virgin Benefits -

  • 0% on balance transfers for the first 6 months
  • earn 1 air miles for every £1.00 spent using your card
  • There are two types of card available: the White Card and the Black Card
  • Premium Economy reward upgrades

Virgin Credit card provided by Virgin Money Limited and issued by MBNA Europe Bank

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