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New 20 month 0% balance transfer credit card by ‘first direct’

‘First direct’, a division of HSBC, are set to launch a credit card offering customers 0% on balance transfers for 20 months. Available from today (1st of September), the card compares favourably to competitors at 16.9%.

The main benefit of the new card is the 0% balance transfer which can help pay off debt faster, according to First Direct.

This rate, however, will only apply on transfers made within the first 2 months of an account opening. A 2.9% balance transfer fee applies to each balance transferred (minimum £5).

According to first direct, the interest free period reduces interest costs and by keeping repayments the same, more of your money goes towards paying off what you borrow and clearing debt faster.

Also, as long as the card is paid off in full each month, no interest is payable. This feature will help its users balance monthly income and expenditure, according to the company.

The new credit card will also make it possible for customers to view all their transactions through Online Banking. You can also speak to a representative in the UK 24/7 and set up a text message service to regularly remind yourself of balances and recent transactions.

High competition: 22 month credit card

This offer, however, has already been trumped by Halifax bank which recently launched a market leading 22 month 0% offer, available for their new credit card customers; their longest balance transfer ever.

Halifax bank customers will be able to choose between two balance transfer credit cards. One offering 0% on balance transfers for 22 months with a 3.5% fee (maximum transfer limit £3,000) and another one giving 0% on balance transfers for 17 months with a 3.0% fee (no maximum transfer limit).

Therefore, a new Halifax customer transferring £3,000 from a competitor’s credit card with an APR of 18.9% could make significant savings. This means that a maximum total of £760 could be saved in interest payments over the 22 month period, even including the balance transfer fee.

With so many credit cards available from different banks, it is essential to search and compare the different products to get the right one for you.

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