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Visa: Why be plastic fantastic when you can go for gold?

Exactly 100 customers in the oil-rich state of Kazakhstan are now the proud owners of a solid gold credit card.

Sberbank, Russia’s largest bank, offered up the card – which is real gold and garnished with 26 diamonds – to 100 affluent customers.

But is the card worth its weight in gold? It may only weigh between 40 and 50 grams, but came with the hefty fee of $100,000, which is equivalent to £62,123.

Customers shelled out a staggering $65,000 for the card itself, leaving $35,000 on the card as credit.

And while there are no fees on the card for the first year, after this the annual charge sits at a cool $2,000.

After spending so much on the card itself, you’d expect to get a few freebies thrown in for good measure – and Sberbank has not disappointed.

The card comes with life and health insurance to the value of $265,000, a complimentary iPhone 5, a Montblanc cardholder, a pass to business-class lounges at airports, a 24-hour concierge phone service and discounts on hotel, restaurants and car rental.

The one downside to the card is that despite the fact it has the same chips as normal credit cards, and can be used to make payments, the lack of magnetic stripe means that it cannot be used in either swipe or cash machines.

Customers may not be able to use their shiny new cards in a cash machine, but with the added extras that come with it, Sberbank are unlikely to hear any complaints! Cardholders have also been given a standard plastic card which can be used as normal.

The card is an ‘Infinite’ Visa card – a fitting name for one that offers countless perks for well-off customers with a seemingly limitless bank account!

It goes without saying that not everyone has the means to purchase a solid gold, diamond encrusted credit card. However, cashback credit cards can earn you gold – in the shape of pound coins – just for using them to make purchases.

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