Barclaycard Oyster Credit Card

Published on 21 July 2012 by Raffick Marday

Barclaycard Oyster visa card

Introducing the Barclaycard Oyster credit card. Do you use a travel card – getting a Barclaycard means it doubles up as an oyster card making it more convenient with great balance transfer offers plus loads of free discounts, free travel insurance and free purchase protection.

Card Name
Barclaycard Oyster credit card
Card Type
Visa Card
Card Issuer
Barclays Bank
Exclusive Features
Doubles up as an Oyster Card


Minimum Age 23 years or over and Live, work or travel around London
Minimum Income Have a regular income of more than £15,000 pa
Status You must have a residential UK address for 3 months or more and have a legal right to reside within the UK – Proof of ID required – Credit check done -

Type of card – Visa Credit Card

The Barclaycard onepulse is a Visa card – Visa cards can be used in 160 countries, and are accepted by over 24 million merchant outlets worldwide.

Barclaycard Oyster Card Fees

Card Application Fee FREE
Card annual fee FREE
Card Limit NONE
Interest Free Period 56 days
Minimum payment £5.00 or 2.25%, which ever is the greatest of the outstanding balance.
Late Payment charges £12 Late payment fee, Over credit limit: and Returned payments
Introductory offers – APR
Intro Rate
Intro Period
Annual Rate
3 months
Balance Transfer
14 months
n / a
Balance Transfer details
Fee percentage 2.90%
Minimum fee £5.00
maximum fee 2.90% handling fee

Charges –

  • Cash: 2.5% (min. £2.50)
  • Balance transfers and cheques: 2.5% unless we tell you otherwise
  • Overseas transactions: 2.75%
  • Copies of statements: £3.00
  • Copies of transactions: £5.00
Allocation of payments Payments you make will reduce your balance in the following order:

  1. Promotional balance transfers and fees
  2. Promotional purchases
  3. Interest, fees and charges
  4. Standard rate purchases and balance transfers
  5. Cash Balance

Additional Benefits –

  • Can be used in exactly the same way as a standard Oyster card, with both season ticket and pay as you go functionality. allowing simple travel around London by buses, the Tube, trams, or DLR.
  • Visa Cashless Payment – new quick and easy way to make purchases of £10 or under using OneTouch transactions. PIN confirmation may be required for random checking purposes.
  • A range of discounts, special offers and 2 for 1 deals are available from selected retailers including the following: Deals updated regularly on
  • Blockbuster – CD Wow – Ticketmaster – Domino’s Pizza – Debenhams – Phones4U – Dell – Thomas Cook – Avis – Marriott and many more

Issued By:

Barclaycard is a trading name of Barclays Bank PLC.


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