Credit cards and prepaid credit cards for winter holidays

Published on 16 December 2009 by Raffick Marday

 Credit cards and prepaid credit cards for winter holidaysChoosing the right credit cards for a winter holiday can mean you don’t come home to a mountain of credit card charges, according to a travel money expert.

Whether it’s hitting the slopes for some skiing or the beach in search of some winter sun, getting the best credit card deal can help organise your finances.

Using a credit card abroad makes it a popular choice for tourists, because there’s no hassle with traveller’s cheques or carrying cash around.
But the cost can mount up because different charges apply to different credit card providers.

Consumers should compare credit cards to keep down the cost of spending abroad, or a prepaid credit card is a great option. Prepaid credit cards make it easy to budget holiday spending and can be used worldwide just like a standard credit card.

They’re great for budgeting as you can only spend up to the value of funds that have been loaded onto the card.

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