All I want for Christmas is a Travel Money Card

Published on 17 December 2009 by Raffick Marday

All I want for Christmas is a Travel Money CardPrepaid credit cards are the essential travel item for globetrotter, according to a financial advice site.

There are plenty of travel money cards to choose from – and the Post Office Travel Money Card gets a special mention ahead of the holiday season for its features and benefits.

It’s available in three currencies – dollars ($), sterling (£) and euros (€). And the way it works is by loading money onto the card – so it’s not a debit card or a credit card.

This travel money card gives you peace of mind. It provides 24/7 assistance and if the card gets lost or stolen, it’ll be replaced with the current balance pre-loaded.

And it’s so easy to use – you won’t ever run out of local currency, because you don’t need to find the local foreign exchange bureau. You just call to top up.

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