Guide to spending abroad launched

Published on 3 June 2010 by Raffick Marday

Guide to spending abroad launchedHolidaymakers and travellers will benefit from a new travel guide advising them on using credit and debit cards abroad.

The UK Cards Association and travel association ABTA have produced the guide.

The organisations’ says Britons made 303 million card purchases and withdrawals while overseas on 2009.

Their figures show people spent £17.7 billion abroad and took £7.8 billion out of cash machines in other countries.

Their recommendations include only taking cards you intend to use abroad and make sure they have a 24 hour contact number.

They also advise never letting credit or debit cards out of your sight and never giving out PINs, even to people claiming to be police officers.

John DeVial of ABTA says “The advice in this guide provides UK consumers with useful information that can help ensure a stress-free time overseas.”

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