Santander offers new credit card deals

Published on 13 May 2010 by Raffick Marday

Santander offers new credit card dealsSantander are altering the deals that it offers on its two credit cards depending on whether you hold a current account and how you apply for the card.

It is now a better option to get the Santander Credit Card online, as the usual 13 month 0 per cent balance transfer deal is extended to 15 months.

Also, the typical APR is 15.9 per cent online, compared to 16.9 per cent in-store.

However, the Zero credit card won’t be available online anymore, unless the person applying for it already has a Santander current account.

However, consumer website Which? has slammed the plans, calling them “ridiculous” and urging Santander to “go back to the drawing board”.

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