Prepaid card answer to counter issues

Published on 27 May 2010 by Raffick Marday

Prepaid card answer to counter issuesAnother bank has put a limit on the minimum amount that you can withdraw over the counter.

Alliance and Leicester have joined Nationwide in preventing customers from taking out smaller amounts of cash in-store.

However, whilst the limit was set at £100 by the building society, the Santander-owned bank requires basic account customers to take out at least £300, otherwise they have to use an ATM.

Vera Cottrell from consumer group Which? commented: “It is important that consumers with basic accounts can make small withdrawals as this helps them budget.”

On op of that, many vulnerable people may not be willing to use cash machines, so they should consider getting a prepaid card.

They could load up the pay-as-you-go card and then use it as they would with normal cash, without needing to use ATMs.

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