New app allows credit card payment

Published on 14 May 2010 by Raffick Marday

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<br />   New app allows credit card payment<br />People have been able to pay for things on their credit cards by using their phones for years… although not quite in the same way as they can now.

Previously, the only option to unite the technologies was to use the phone to call whoever you wanted to pay and read out your credit card details, but no longer.

Jack Dosey, co-founder of Twitter has developed a dongle which can be plugged into any iPhone or Android device and used to scan credit cards.

Square, the company who developed the device, charge a transaction fee for each credit card that gets scanned, but users are free of any kind of binding contract.

However, the technology is still some way off the Japanese, who can use their phones to make small payments just by swiping them over a scanner.ADNFCR-2939-ID-19777530-ADNFCR

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