MBNA move to reassure credit card holders

Published on 22 April 2010 by arun singh

MBNA move to reassure credit card holdersCredit card company MBNA has moved to reassure customers that they won’t be left out of pocket due to the Icelandic volcano.

The move comes after reports that the UK Cards Association warned that the industry may not need to make a payout to stranded travellers.

However, MBNA’s Ian O’Doherty says: “The disruption caused by this volcano is unprecedented…”. Travellers need to know we are there to help them during these difficult times, he says.

As a result, stranded holidaymakers with MBNA credit cards will be able to get refunds for any foreign currency exchange fees and cash advance charges they may have experienced.

They added that anyone who has been unable to pay their monthly credit card bill due to the travel disruption would be treated sympathetically.

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