Avoid airline charges with prepaid credit cards

Published on 20 April 2010 by arun singh

Avoid airline charges with prepaid credit cardsWhilst the Icelandic volcano might be grounding planes at present, people are still booking flights for later in the year, but many are paying unnecessary fees.

Airline companies are charging up to £5 per person to buy a return ticket using in credit card. This bears little relation to the costs incurred by the firm for taking payment via the cards.

Some remove this transaction fee when tickets are bought using a debit card, but only prepaid credit cards eliminate all airline charges.

Prepaid credit cards have many other uses, other than buying airline tickets – they are ideal if you are looking to stick to a budget. Just load up the card with whatever your limit is and once it is gone, no more can be spent on the card until it is topped up again.

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