Prepaid credit cards perfect for holidays

Published on 24 February 2010 by arun singh

Prepaid credit cards perfect for holidaysUsing your credit card while on holiday abroad is one of the quickest ways to rack up heavy charges without realising – and that’s one reason why prepaid credit cards are becoming more and more popular.

Preloading a prepaid credit card with local currency before you go away is a simple way of dodging exchange fees and shady admin charges.

Caxton FX managing director James Hickman also pointed out that using a prepaid credit card can help make sure you stay on budget when you’re on holiday.

And one card provider is hoping to help out the thousands of Brits who will be heading to the World Cup in South Africa later this year.

Prepaid Financial Services has launched the Mastercard Prepaid Rand Travel Card in good time to help England fans keep track of their spending this June.

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