Prepaid cards perfect for business travel expenses

Published on 10 February 2010 by Raffick Marday

Skills shortage could boost contractingPrepaid cards can be a useful solution to many money problems, but they’re also perfect for fast, secure and cost effective means of travel expenses.

Accounts teams wanting to source a way to reduce overheads and unnecessary costs, while also keeping a tighter control on expenditure and the need for simplifying the expenses procedure, has helped the popularity of this type of card.

It works in a similar fashion to a mobile phone top up card. Customers choose to load their desired amount by transferring money to their card supplier.

Travelers are then free to spend as you would with a debit or credit card, the only difference is you can’t spend beyond your means.

Prepaid currency cards also offer an obvious way to drive down costs and can be seamlessly integrated into a business’ account structure.

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