Review names top 0 interest credit cards

Published on 12 January 2010 by Raffick Marday

<br />   Review names top 0 interest credit cards<br />Zero percent interest credit cards are usually available to those with good or excellent credit, according to one credit card reviewer.

And if your credit is good then you should be able to easily get your hands on one of them.

In a financial habit review, some zero interest credit cards have been singled out for their good deals.

Citi bank is given a mention for its Citi Platinum Select card with an introductory zero percent rate for the first twelve months. The card doesn’t offer any cashback but it does offer account protection with zero liability on unauthorised purchases.

The Capital One no hassle miles reward card comes standard with 0 percent APR on purchases until December of 2010.

The author says the credit card deals are out there and advises to shop around to get hold of the best one for you.

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