Barclaycard and Orange launch contactless card

Published on 8 January 2010 by Raffick Marday

<br />   Barclaycard and Orange launch contactless card<br />Barclaycard and Orange have joined forces to create a wave-and-pay contactless credit card.

Customers only need to hold the card close to a contactless reader, which are making their way into more and more stores, to pay for items of £10 or under.

They’ve got the same fraud protection on wave-and-pay payments as any other Barclaycard transaction.

The move is a step closer to consumers being able to pay for things using their mobile phones.

Barclaycard’s MD, Chris Wood, says “We’re seeing demand from both retailers and customers for ever more convenient ways to pay and accept payment.”

The new card’s got an APR of 18.9 per cent on purchases, and 29.9 per cent on cash advances, plus a reward scheme which can be swapped for high street vouchers or Orange products and services.

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