Bank accounts increasingly managed online

Published on 18 January 2010 by Raffick Marday

<br />   Bank accounts increasingly managed online<br />We’re increasingly relying on the internet to access our bank accounts, according to a new report.

Financial Fraud Action UK has revealed that the majority of internet users now bank online, underlining the need to be internet secure.

Nearly all – a whopping 95 percent – of online bankers check account balances. But less than one-fifth use the service to make enquiries about their account.

We can now keep a much closer eye on our finances outside of traditional banking hours, according to the organisation.

And that means we need to take ‘common sense steps’ to minimise the risk of fraud.

Financial Fraud Action UK’s figures from last year revealed that online banking fraud losses totalled £39m during the six months to June 2009, marking a 55 percent rise on the 2008 figure.

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