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£100 to £250
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£4.95 application fee upon opening the account and then £9.95 per month there after.

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RBS Credit Card

Royal Bank of Scotland can be undoubtedly termed as one of the most renowned and popular building societies of United Kingdom. It has always been a leading ambassador and played a fundamental role in initialising various financial policies in an effervescent manner.

RBS credit cards can mainly be distinguished into three categories – black card, Platinum card and Classic card.

The RBS Black credit card plays a pivotal role in reducing both credit card debts and the expenditures of our daily lives. A maximum number of 56 days have been allocated for the purchases if an individual pay his/her total balance within the scheduled period of time. However, there hardly exists any interest free period on cash withdrawals and balance transfers. It further offers the privilege of 0% facility on balance transfers and purchases for a fixed time period.

In a recent research it has been speculated that nearly two third of the credit card holders transferring 0% balance, has been successful enough in paying interest. With the advent of the RBS credit cards, paying massive interests is no longer a problematic issue.

In order to apply for the RBS credit cards, an individual must be eighteen years or above age and should definitely possess an annual income of more than £10,000 for the Classic card, £25,000 for the Platinum card and £75,000 for the Black card, accompanied with an exceptional credit history.

Again this card can also be used abroad as it deals with lower usage fees compared to the other ones. You won’t be charged with any kind of commission fee, while traveling in European countries and even in the Middle Eastern countries like Israel and Turkey only a standard 2.75% transaction charge while purchasing abroad, and including purchase of foreign currency and travellers’ cheques.

These credit cards are truly ideal not only for everyday spending, but also for paying balance transfers from any part of the world.

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