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RBS Student Bank Account

The royal Bank of Scotland or simply the RBS as we all know delivers better opportunities for students to pursue studies and build up a better life for themselves. The prevalent RBS Student schemes are mostly for those of you looking forward to getting enrolled into full time courses. The schemes benefit the ones pursuing their graduation and post graduation course largely. One can apply for student loans and other educational benefits too. Under the RBS terms and conditions, students can receive sponsorships, parental monetary aids and similar educational funds.

One can benefit from all schemes, only after he / she have successfully created a RBS Student account. The account type should be RBS Student current account. As an account holder, one should make it a point to deposit funds into their account on a regular basis. Overseas student can also apply for their personal account. In such circumstances, one will have to contact the local branches to understand the specific procedures involved.

The major applicant methods are simple and match with the standard norms followed worldwide. One requires being at least 18 years old to apply for an account. While applying to open an account, you will be asked to provide identity verification documents. This will include a proof of citizenship, and also a proof of residential details. Your credit interest might fall into taxable positions, depending on your credit expenditure. Having said this, all RBS Student account holders will be able to use student credit cards and debit cards, according to their individual needs.

Application for RBS Student accounts and credit cards can be availed through online forms. You will just have to spend few minutes, by visiting the official site and fill up the forms with necessary details.

You can spot RBS branches all across the country. But choosing a branch which is near your University will be beneficial and time saving. RBS do understand that being students it is quite difficult to manage funds. Therefore it gives you expert advice on any kind of financial glitch. You can even choose the day to day banking option to reduce your anxiety.

Being students you need to take care of so many college notes, it’s sometime difficult to handle the banking statements that you receive time to time. Therefore the online options are available for you. Whenever you want to know your RBS Student bank account status you can log on to our online portal. The mobile banking facility is also available for your convenience.

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