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Prepaid Credit Cards - Compare Prepaid Card

Compare Prepaid Credit Cards

Compare Prepaid Credit Cards: Make A Right Choice!

Prepaid Credit Cards have become a trend these days and it is estimated that 6 out of 10 people are now using a prepayment method to pay, this can be in the form of PAYG cash card's, oyster card's, top up phones, gas, electric meters ect. Topping up a prepay card before you use it is now an accepted method of payment but there still is a lack of knowledge about these useful card's for people to find out.

Generally, almost all the major financial institutions are providing prepaid credit cards today. The process is also not that tough and save you from a lot of hassle. It is like, once you are approved for getting a free prepay card's, you get it in your mail box and then you can just begin with your further processes.

First of all you need to do is, load it with cash. The amount of money you will load will be the only amount available to you at the time of making purchases. You can not have any balance nor can you pay any interest. Moreover, in order to avoid any type of additional fee, make a direct deposit.

Compare prepaid credit cards in market. The best credit card's offer you the most exciting yet valuable perks like free bill pay, free direct deposit and others. You will also receive balance alerts on your phone or email. Your positive payment transactions will be reported to the bureaus even if you misplace your prepayment card's.

The financial bureaus usually make money off on each transaction that you make. But still, you need to pay a little annual or monthly charge. It is advisable you compare prepaid card's on the Internet. Find the prepaid credit card that best suits your requirements.

It is also recommended that you always read the fine print. But ensure that you don't land on to unknown financial institutions. Also try not to get into debt issues and have a control on your hands while shopping. Have a healthy shopping!

Compare Credit Cards

Use Compare Pre Paid when you are comparing credit cards, there are a number of considerations to bear in mind also remember that the deals available will always depend on your credit history and the credit card's use. Further considerations include:

  • Standard interest rate: the Annual Percentage Rate (APR) can vary drastically depending on the credit card's provider. Check out the interest rates on purchases.
  • Interest free introductory period: many card's come with a 0% interest rate for an initial period. Consumers can use this advantage to transfer an existing balance.
  • Cash back or reward points card's: likewise, many credit card's providers offer their clients some sort of loyalty schemes, rewards or discounts to benefit from when they use and spend with the card's.

If your aim is to pay off your full balance before you are charged interest, look for credit card's that give you money back or points towards your Air miles or a Nectar card's.

Save time and money by comparing credit card's online. Finding the best credit card's on the market varies depending on the users? needs. Trust professional comparative site to check, compare and apply for the card's that is made for your specific needs.

What are the best deals on credit cards UK? The best deals depend on what your credit history is like and how you intend to use your credit card. There are a few notes to consider before you make your decision:

  • Standard interest rate: Interest rates on purchases which are called an Annual Percentage Rate (APR) can vary significantly from credit card providers.
  • If you have or need a constant overdraft, then you should consider low APR credit card
  • Interest free introductory period: Some credit card providers provide customers with a 0% interest rate for an initial period. This is ideal for transferring an existing balance.
  • Cash back or reward points card: There are several credit cards offering loyalty schemes such as discounts or rewards when spending on your credit card.
  • If you intent on paying your balance off in full before the interest starts, you might want to consider a card that gives you a percentage of your expenditure back (cash back card), or points towards your Air Miles or a Nectar card

Start saving on your credit card today!

Finding the best UK credit card for your needs is simple when you use our simple comparison service. Find out about the latest news and deals on Credit Card and Prepaid credit card, as well as bank accounts. Everything you need to know about all banking products and Pre Paid News is now live online ? including news, information and even videos.

This can save you hours of research by letting us do all the hard work for you. And, if you find a UK credit card you want, just simply click to apply.

Topping Up a Prepaid Cards


If you don?t like to use your debit card or credit card details over the internet, then top up card's are the best alternative for you. You can see, compare and apply online thanks to our new and easy comparison chart on top up credit card.

Other possibilities within this section include choosing prepay credit card charges, features and functions; finding out details on prepay application fees, or taking up a top up credit card with no transaction costs.

What are prepaid credit cards?
A prepaid credit card is an option that lies between a debit card and a credit card. They are like a top up credit card, but these include the possibility of loading up with cash to your prepaid card account.

Those card's generally include the same functions as other card's, but exclude the credit option. Prepaid credit cards are also a good option if you don?t want to open a basic bank account and you are only looking for a pay as you go credit card that simply matches your current financial needs; no more, no less.

A prepaid credit card can be used over the phone, at retail outlets or even online. The only thing you need to do is keep topping up your card.

Top 10 Prepaid Cards

Best prepaid MasterCard deals plus what are the top 10 prepaid credit cards?

With so many prepaid cards on the market, it is essential to look and compare the current deals available in the market.

If you are choosing between Prepaid Visa card, a prepaid Maestro card, or a Prepaid MasterCard, or simply looking for a Top Up MasterCard or Visa; comparing prepaid credit cards is important to make sure you end up with the one matching your needs.

The best way to avoid paying high fees every time you top up your card is keeping your prepaid card Topping Up updated. Further ways of saving money include looking for a card with no fees when topping up.

Likewise, you can obtain further benefits with card's such as the cashplus MasterCard. This prepaid card gives you the cheapest top ups on your MasterCard prepaid card and also offers users creditbuilder for free.

Travelex Travel Money is the perfect choice when going abroad. It can be topped up with currency before you leave your own country and has the advantage that it gives you a superior exchange rate afterwards. Additionally, it is a free prepaid card with no application fee.

Escape prepaid card costs £9.99 and comes with additional benefits from a Phones 4 U prepaid card - including free top ups. Users of this card don?t pay monthly fees, neither transaction fees.

Splash Plastic debit card is only £5.00. Its top benefits are no credit checks, instant approval, and no bank account required.

Prepaid Credit Cards

Prepaid credit cards also known as prepaid debit cards are very easy to use. You only need to top up your card and then stick your spending to the credit you have. These kind of prepay card's are good if you are looking for a pay as you go alternative if you plan to use every now and again. There are two prepay option plans from a pay as you go debit card's to a fixed cost prepaid debit card.

Whatever you choice is, it is essential to look at the benefits of the different deals offered, as well as the conditions of your application. Do you need to supply your ID with a Prepay Debit Card or is your application guaranteed with no ID required?

How do prepaid cards work?
Since prepaid debit cards work by being topped up, it is fundamental to read the terms and conditions of credit given by your prepaid card provider ? these might change depending on the provider.

By doing so, you will always be aware of how top up payments are loaded and charged, as well as what you are exactly paying for.

Pro and cons of prepaid cards
Owning a prepaid card can help you to improve your credit rating in case your current credit is negative, and it is always a much safer option than a credit card in terms of spending.

Prepaid cards are safe and secure. Prepayment alternatives offer you a cheaper way to share money, where a third party can withdraw cash from an ATM or have an additional account offering the flexibility when you are travelling overseas and don?t want to be carrying cash around.

Likewise, they will help you to stick to your everyday shopping budget. However, remember that once you run out of credit you will need to top it up again if you want to use it ? this is its main disadvantage.

Free Prepaid Cards
Many Free Prepaid Credit Cards come with no application fee, which makes of them a 100% free prepay debit card with a secure online free payment application.

Nevertheless, users will need to fill the secure online prepay account application form and also confirm their address.

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